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Presidency of Republic of Colombia
Minister of Labor

Rafael Pardo Rueda

Mr. Pardo is an economist from Los Andes University. He did studies in urban and regional planning at The Institute of Social Studies, in The Hague, Holland, as well as Foreign Affairs studies from Harvard University (U.S.A).

In 1986 he held the position of Secretary of Popular Integration and Director of the National Plan of Rehabilitation (PNR) during the administration of Virgilio Barco. There he established social policies generating development on hundreds of municipalities in the whole country.

After two years as a Peace Counselor (1988-1990), he led the demobilization of the M-19 and others guerillas, having a seat on The National Constituent Assembly that draw up the Constitution of 1991.

After four decades, Mr. Pardo was the first civilian Minister of Defense that the country had (1991-1994). During his administration at the Cabinet, he implemented Human Rights training to the military and, also promoted the adoptation of Geneva agreements about the Humanitarian International Law. At the same time it was created The Search Bloc, in order to fight against the Drug Cartels.

From 1996 to 1997, he served as adviser of The Organization of American States’ Secretary Cesar Gaviria in Washington.

In his parliamentarian activity (2002-2006), Mr. Pardo was appointed as one of the best senators for his parliamentary activity by the seriousness of his proposals and debates of political control.

At the end of 2009, The National Liberal Congress proclaimed him as the new Director of the Colombian Liberal Party, after having gained the internal consultation that chose him as candidate of his collectivity for the election of May, 2010.

As Director of his party, he led the incorporation of liberal initiatives as the Law of the First Employment, Victims ‘Act and Land Restitution Law, as well as the creation of retirement pensions `fund for informal workers among other proposals inside the National Unity Agreement convened by President Juan Manuel Santos.

Mr. Pardo has been professor and researcher at the University of Los Andes. He is author of the entitled books “By first hand”; “Between Conflicts and Hopes”; “New Security for Latin America”; “Last Century: the history of wars” y “The end of Paramilitarim, it is possible his dismantle?.